Boltimore-Kawasaki Boy Scouts Exchange Program
In memory of 7th Delegation on 1991

This program started on 1985 which is one of sister city exchage for understanding.
The 1st delegation was 14 scouts and leaders from Kawasaki city.

I was working as a staff member from the time this exchange program has been started.
And I was able to visit Baltimore as 7th delegation of the scoutmaster in 1991.
This dispatch troop is 13 Scouts and leaders participated from Kawasaki city.
This home page is dedicated to those participated members and host family
with my appreciation and good memories.

Also this home page have very important mission.
Because, It was dedicated to late Mr. Mace Miyasaki and late Mr. Frank Cook
who was contribute and effort to Scout exchange program
between Baltimore and Kawasaki city.

 Kawasaki scout Host family          Kawasaki Scout  Host Family 
 Hiroyuki Hasegawa
 Charles W. Harlen
Assist. Scoutmaster
 Dr. Takanori Arifuku
Assist. Scoutmaster
 Dr. Russ Wright
 Akio Domoto
Assist. Scoutmaster
 Mace Miyasaki
Member of Sister city

Howard Rutherford
 Manabu Nagase
Junior Assist. leader
 Eddie Wright
 Masatoshi Otsuka Edna Greer   Takehisa Nakamura Ross Crotis 
 Satoshi Yamaura  Jack Nesbitt Daisuke Hayasi Rudy Spraycar 
Kunio Azuma  Jack Breihan  Kyoji Iino  Dean Mill 
Hirotaka Suyama  Frank Hessler Keita Abiko  Dr. Stuart Bell 
Shinya Komatsu   Jon Bond Mace Miyasaki's news is clic Here      
 Other local staff 
 Frank Cook
Assist. Scoutmaster
Don Gwaltney
Canp Broadcreek

About Achievements of Mr.Mace Miyasaki
for Bltimore-Kawasaki Boy Scout Exchange Program

 Mace Miyasaki left us too early on February 24, 2005,He was 65.
He born in Baltimore, and he worked with the Baltimore-Kawasaki Sister City Committee, and started the Baltimore-Kawasaki@Boy Scout Exchange Program.
Also active with the Boy Scouts, Mr. Miyasaki had served as chairman of the Baltimore-Kawasaki Sister City Committee.
He arranged for Japanese and Baltimore Boy Scouts to visit each other's cities which program continues today.

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