Pepsi Boys Coming to Kawasaki
15th Baltimore-Kawasaki Boy Scout Exchange program
on 18 July 2004

**Official Web site of this delegation as see to Here.**

This is one of sister city exchange program that is started on 1985.
This Prpgram join to Boy Scout of America Baltimore council and Boy Scout of Nippon Kawasaki District.

"Pepsi-Boys"it is the meaning of the high-spirited Kids of participate in this exchange program.
The Scouts are always anytime, anywhere and scatter soon from leaders.
It is same as Pepsi bubbles.
So, we called "Pepsi-boys" to them from 2nd Delegation.

Now, That's Pepsi Boys coming to Kawasaki from Baltimore for 15th Delegation.

I visited Baltimore as the Scout Master of 7th delegation on 1991.
And I has had been bonds of friendship between many good friend, also has wonderful recollection continue until today.
I hope making similar wonderful recollection and friendship to the scout and leader with Kawasaki friends in this time.
And, I am hoping that the friendship is able to continue eternally in addition to this time.

Now inform you welcome party on 18 July 2004.


Mr.Watanabe, Mr.Ando, Mr.Ohmi
from Left: Mr.Endo, Hiro, Mr.ASARI


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