Build up The Banjo

The Cham Special

by Hiro Hasegawa

Section 4: Inlaying

1. Make Shell Branks

Turbo marmoratus
Original "Yakougai"

Cut the Yakougai with Bandsaw.
This is very hard shell.

Beautiful surface

Make shell branks with
Belt sander.

Plated Abalone

Black Mother of Pearl Shell

Plated Black Mother of Pearl Shell

Cut process of Cham's Eye
for The Resonator

Preparation of parts of Inlay

Sawing Inlay of "Cham"
Made from "Yakougai"

Finished Sawing of Inlay

Sawing of Inlay

Nut Blank(Made from "Yakougai")

Dressing of Inlay Portion
in the Resonator

Embedding of breaked shellfish
around the pefhead

Routing Cavity
in the Peg Head

Fit the Inlay
Gluing and Filling for Inlay
in the Peg Head

Finished Peg Head Inlay

After Completion
of the Peg Head

Routing Cavity
in the Fingerboard

Fitted "Cham" Inlay to Fingerboard

Peg Head Inlay

Fitted all inlay of Fingerboard

12 fret

22 fret
"H.Fumi" is my mam name

My Tool box
Cham Special Resonator neck
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